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Not Today

This truth is I would really like to post something, but I just worked 5 hours last night (made 86 bucks!) and work an 8 hour shift tonight. So...I'm going to leave you with some words of knowledge.
Don't get caught up in the rush of making money, have fun, and the money will roll right in; it's as simple as that. -Izzy

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5 Reasons Why Making Money Online is More Fun than Working at a Job

When going about making money online, and making money at a job I have noticed a few things that make me smile. Here is why I enjoy making money online as opposed to going to work.

You get your own hours
It may not always equal out to making you the most money ever, but you get to choose how much work you put in. When I run out of stuff to do on the sites that I use, I get to go do whatever. I feel like doing.

It's fun
I may be making pennies here and there, but in the end I get to find out what works and what doesn't. Trying new sites is always a new experience, and I love to find new ways of making money.

I meet cool people
My blog LoaTW doesn't really make a lot of money, but the amount of people that I get to meet is really cool because they are nice people. I get comments, and get to read a lot of really cool blogs.

I am my own boss
This kind of falls in with number one. It is cool to do what you want, and when you want, and not have to worry about a boss telling you what to do, and when you need to work.

No stupid people
When working at a job you have to put up with stupid people. Sometimes these are other employees, or they are customers, but either way they just get on your nerves. When working online, you really don't have to deal with these types of people period! All your work is online, which means no face to face interaction.

So what about you? How do you feel about working online/offline? What are some reason that you like to work from your computer as opposed to going to work for a boss?

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Why Adgitize is Such a Good Service.

As you know I have upgraded my Adgitize account on LoaTW to Advirtiser. The reason being is that it generates views to my site, along with give me a little extra income.

Now over the last two weeks I have been gathering up information on how my ad has been doing. Here are some points I would like to make about Adgitize.

It's easy to set up
Setting up my ad literally took me about 5minutes or less, and that was because I forgot where my image for my ad was.

My page views went up dramatically
Ever since I got the ad on Adgitize I have never dropped below 100 views and my # of page views made its way up to 185.

Comments have increased
By day one I had already received one comment from someone using Adgitize. The best part was that it wasn't just a random comment. it had some quality and was actually incitement.

Income is always nice
With the last 2 weeks I have actually generated almost twice as much income as I have before I became an advertiser. This puts my total for the month at $7.26.

Those are my reasons for joining. So how bout you? Have you had success with Adgitize?

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As Promised...Cashcrate


The other day I talked about how I got a payment from CashCrate. Well here it is. Sorry that it is really small, my scanner is broken so I just took a picture and it didn't come out too well. Hopefully in the future I will get some better looking pics for you guys.

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Hurray for Cashcrate!

So yesterday I finally got my payment from CashCrate! It was for $20.55 which wasn't much as I didn't put a ton of work into it, but I am still happy about it.

I will post a payment proof tomorrow, but I have a lot to do today. Hurray for CashCrate!

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Problems with EntreCard?

So with the exception of EntreCard weirding out on me, today's clicking was not too bad. I got everything done that needed to get done, and all in less than about a half an hour. Now I am off to get ready for my graduation ceremony. I'm pretty excited :)

Hopfully EntreCard will fix their issues and I will be able to drop later tonight...but I guess we will see won't we?

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Possible PTC Scam?

So I’m begging to believe that NoMinCashout is a scam for a couple of reasons. They said about a week ago that they were having problem with payout and that they needed to strap down…Well apparently that meant taking the $.01 earnings I was getting, and chopping it into 4ths until I paid $2 to upgrade. Now I can see this happening and quite frankly I don’t blame them… But then this morning I logged in to find 10 or 15 cents missing from my account… I don’t know…I just don’t know

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Clicking Pays

Adgitize your web site.

After 3 days of payment with Adgitize I am very happy! I have accumulated $1.71, which is more than I have ever received in one month to date. This would have been higher, but I accidentally waited till 10:10 to post an entry on one of my blogs. (The cut off was at 10)

But in other clicking news, I finally got some referrals for ShortBux! I’m especially glad about this because I’ve already gotten paid by them before (See Post HERE), and that would mean that I will get closer to payout faster.

CashCrate has been slow this month as I have gotten rather lazy. I’ve accumulated approximately 5$ though, and plan to hit the 20$ mark this month so I can cash out. This will be really good, as I am working on paying for a newsletter service that will run me 19$ a month. (Yeah, it can be pricey.)

Also I just got a payment from Triond the other day. I know that it ain’t much, but considering it’s for people just looking at my articles… I think it is quite an accomplishment.

Anyways, for all you out there trying to make money online, know that it is possible. I may not be a lot, but it is a start. Have fun making money online.

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Continuing the Challenge

Adgitize your web site.

Alright so yesterday I talked about how I signed up for advertising with
Adgitize. Well today I logged in and guess what...340 Points! I will have to wait till tomorrow to see how many points it is worth but I think it should be worth it. From what I am hearing from other members it is relatively 80cents to a dollar, and if that is true it was so worth the clicking I did. (Though I figured how to be more productive today)

Anyways I hope that you all will also sign up as I got 53 views from them, along with one new commenter. Sign Up today!

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Taking the Advertisement Challenge

Adgitize your web site.

So This week I decided to take the leep with Adgitize and have bought a link over at LoaTW and am going to see how well traffic/cash income goes.

Setting up the Plan
Since I'm trying to maximize the amount of income that I get from Adgitize, I am going to sett up a small plan for blog schedual and here's how it goes...
  1. Click on as many Adgitize ads as I can each day.
  2. Post once a day either here or on LoaTW.
  3. Show my stats weekly to my readers.

I know these are very simple, and not too detailed, but sometimes that is what you need for a plan; just to have a plan.

If you would like to make a little extra money off your blog then head on over. the code takes like 2 minutes to install, and you can find a few other great blogs through this service. Check it out

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YouData is a proven Source of Money: 1st payout!

Sorry about last night. I should have saved that post for a different day when I had more time and not rushed it.

Last night however I checked my email and had a very nice surprise waiting for me. YouData is a company similar to other PTC sites but unlike them there is not a minimum cash out (at least not that I know of.)

The set up is a bit different but I got paid 4 bucks after just my 1st week of work. For those that want to make a little extra cash and are still skeptical I would check out YouData.

For thsoe that are having difficulty setting up your account I will be doing a tutorial next chance I get so make sure to stay tuned to MMT!

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Helping out your Referals

It is important to remember that when you are recruiting people always make sure that you help them out with their questions unless you don't know the answer in which case either tell them of you don't know, or tell them you will find out.

I saw this problem over at CashCrate when my referrer said that she couldn't believe that people don't help their referrals, and personally I can't either. If you get referred try to ask them questions the day that you sign up. If they don't answer then it is problem just better to sign up with someone else. Why? They brag about how much they make then can turn around to help you; the person that is mostly likely making most of their cash for them.

Make sure that you show respect to those that sign up under you, and make sure that you find people worth signing up. Feel free to sing up under me as I will make sure to answer what I know, and will ask what I don't.

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5 Steps to Gaining Readership and not Burn Out Blogging

As I was writing up this article I realized that the reason that blogs fail is because the blogger loses hope with his blog, and stops blogging right before he or she starts to get members. This is kind of what happened to me, when I wrote Fail Blog, and have since realized that I need to actually start this blog up if I would like to get a readership

Here are some things you can do to prevent yourself to falling into the “I’m a bad blogger” category. Take Referance to 5 Things You Should Learn Before Starting a Blog if you would like to get some additional help.

1. Start talking about something that you love.
Well who doesn’t love making money right? I know I do. The only problem with this is that once I got up to start talking about I got burned out. How am I going to fix this? Well I’m going to change the premise of the blog just a little bit. I am still talking about money, but it is gonna have more tips on saving, and making money through blog improvements. I realize this might work off my niche a bit, but what kind of a niche is Making Money? It’s so broad, and it’s not like I can go farther down.

2. Have a Good Layout
The biggest problem with blogs is usually the layout. I say this, because a lot of people set up a free blogger account, throw on some widgets, and then call it quits. If you want to get a strong readership you need to have something that is readable. Go out and find a FREE template, there are plenty online, and there are multiple guides on how to install them. This is called Cellar Heat and don’t ask me how, but I found a blogger version of it.

3. Get your Own Domain Name
Now at the moment I am currently at a pass on this one. I say it, because nearly a week ago is when I finally got a domain name over at LoaTW and that is when I found the horrific truth that your page rank doesn’t carry over from Some people can actually excel with a blogspot address, but if you want a real readership your own domain is import. It gives you a greater sense of accomplishment, and will actually help you be a better blogger. (This may sound like bogus, but it’s not. If you invest money in something you will most likely care about it more.)

4. Remain Consistent
Now this doesn’t mean that you have the freedom to post 3 times a day, but set out a goal. Say…3 posts a week. This will give you room to read your comments, and respond during your off days, not to mention it will keep your readers coming back for more daily. Along with this, if you find yourself wanting to post more than once a day, recommend typing it up in a word document and letting it sit for a day or two. This way you get a fresh mind looking at it, and can improve it (see Editing your Work.)

5. Read other Blogs
It will give you something to do when you are not blogging, and might even get you some more readers while you are at it. Just make sure that all comments relative, and if you didn’t read the article, don’t bother commenting, as most people can just tell when you are full of BS. Just remember that you will never learn anything if you never read. A lot of what I post about is something I have taken from another blog just worded differently and in different format.

So what do you think, are these good ideas or just something that you read over and over again? What recommendations would you suggest to prevent from burning out as a blogger?

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CashOut at Cashcrate! Some advice to new blogger's

Well two days ago I showed you my payment proof at ShortBux. Well I have continued clicking and while it is going slow since I can't invest I know that I now trust the site.

As most of you know I have also been making sure to keep up with the site CashCrate. Well good news is that this month I managed to get over 20 dollars for cashout! I forgot to take a screen pic because I have been really busy, but my check will be here later this month, and when it does I plan to post the pic 1st thing.

That being said I have something I need to say to people starting a money making blog out there. Money making is great, but if that is all you talk about, you are bond to get little to no readers. Make sure that you are giving people more than just your checks, and give them something to read, and something that will cause them to want to follow your blog. Something that makes your blog different from all the rest.

I wrote a post Titled 5 Things you should Learn Before Starting a Blog over on my other blog, and I recommend you check it out. Blogging is a hard business, and shouldn't be taken lightly if you truly want to make money off it.

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