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CashOut at Cashcrate! Some advice to new blogger's

Well two days ago I showed you my payment proof at ShortBux. Well I have continued clicking and while it is going slow since I can't invest I know that I now trust the site.

As most of you know I have also been making sure to keep up with the site CashCrate. Well good news is that this month I managed to get over 20 dollars for cashout! I forgot to take a screen pic because I have been really busy, but my check will be here later this month, and when it does I plan to post the pic 1st thing.

That being said I have something I need to say to people starting a money making blog out there. Money making is great, but if that is all you talk about, you are bond to get little to no readers. Make sure that you are giving people more than just your checks, and give them something to read, and something that will cause them to want to follow your blog. Something that makes your blog different from all the rest.

I wrote a post Titled 5 Things you should Learn Before Starting a Blog over on my other blog, and I recommend you check it out. Blogging is a hard business, and shouldn't be taken lightly if you truly want to make money off it.

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