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Real Proof of working PTC

So I realize that some are skeptical of PTC sites, and I for one don't blame any of you. They take a lot of time and effort and require to you to infest some money before you can actually make a descent income.

In the last few weeks I did stumble across one that I like a lot. Not for the fact of the amount of clicks, because truthfully they aren't that great, but the fact that it has NO MINIMUM PAYOUT!

The site is called Not So Tricky. The clicks are not worth a lot, as you actually make more off the paid to sign up things, but it is nice to get a couple of extra cents every week. I have got my 1st payouts from them this last week, and have another one for 15cents pending on its way, which I will post when I get it. (Monday or Tuesday) Check this site out.
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PPClix Lives Again!!!

So I have some very happy news. PPClix the new PTC site, has just updated itself and is now giving out more money than ever. They have doubled their payments, and are offer referral swaps at 5 cents a piece, but only for the next few weeks....for those of you how are skeptical, now is the time to get active.

I personally am adding in an additional 25cents for your 1st 100 clicks on PPClix, which I believe to be a good deal. Send me a comment if you have question ask me, and I'll answer... Long Live PPClix!!!!!!!!!

PS, Entrecard...I'm going to add the list here when I finish it...I've just been extremely busy.
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