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All You Droppers out There

OK, so I know that today is dropper day on Entrecard, but truth be told I am a bit busy to add create all the links, as I have 2 blogs I need to do it for. I will however do my best to accomplish this task tomorrow, and if not you will see your name by Monday at the very latest.

I have work this afternoon, and tomorrow is the Super Bowl. I will try my best to get on here and post you up as soon as possible. Thank you for supporting my blog, and being there for me even when I forgot to drop you back!!!

(this same post will show up on both blogs)
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A list of updates


So PPClix is finally turning around for me. Qi gave me a bit of money so I was able to switch out some of my dead refs, and get some new ones. I should be hitting $2.00 total here in the 3 days or so, and plan on posting my payment proofs as soon as I get it.

I keep seeing Project Wonderful ads all over the place, and am very much looking forward to hitting 30 post so I can use it. I know I am sadly only at 7 post including this one, but it will be a goal to work for. I do have 14 posts on Life of a Teenage Writer, which should escalate to 30 in the next month if I don't get lazy that is.

Also today I found PayingPost. My content is still being reviewed, but hopefully I'll be earning some money from them if everything goes through, and people want my opinion that is :)

Money making on the Internet is fun for me, as it posses a challenge. I've been using, and will continue to use easyhits4u because I figure eventually getting more hits to my page will be worth it. I set up a link to PPClix so hopefully I'll see some traffic there.

Another big update is that Adgitize is sort of back online. Their servers are still a bit messed up, but they should be back in the next week. I was upset that I didn't get paid for all my posts lately, but I wasn't advertising, so I think I'm alright.

Lastly, I hope that everyone has a great weekend. I will being doing my best to post, but I guess we will see how that all goes. Also we have the Super Bowl, so I am going to plan on adding some commercials from it to the site if I can.
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Me2Everyone. Free shares out there for the taking!!!

Yesterday, I showed you all a link to Zenzuu; a new site that shares the ad revenue from it's site with the all the users who sign up. Well about a week ago I ran past a site that is giving out shares to the 1st 100,000 people to sign up.

The site name is Me2Everyone, and it is a social networking site that runs on it's members. It's going to be a massive online network where people can interact, set up businesses, and overall, create an online community that will interact much more in depth than Myspace, or Facebook.

They don't ask for any information right now other than basic contact info (email, name, and stuff of that sort), but will require a account to pay you your shares once the site is up and running. You get 1000 shares just for signing up!!!

As an incentive I am giving the 1st 10 bloggers who sign up underneath me a 50 point entrecard incentive, and will give recognition on my page for 2 weeks to those who are not interested with entrecard (a link, with your name up at the top, and a brief bio on your site's info.... PLUS, a name entry in each of my blog entries for the next week.)

So...go sign up, send me a comment, and leave your account I.D. Number. (mine is 32480) Get your free shares while they are still available!!!
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Social Networking that Pays!!!

As I was trying to generate more page views through easyhits4u (great site, you should check it out.) I ran across an add that seemed kinda cool.

The idea behind Zenzu is that it is a social networking site like Myspace, yet unlike Myspace this company actually shares ad revenue with you. It is free to sign up, and already has a decent amount of users on it.

Here is the link to sign up, they have a video that explains it in greater detail. As an intro I am planning on giving out 50 entrecard points to the 1st 10 who sign up. Leave a comment with your user name, and I'll send the points immediately.
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Updates on PTC

I'm pleased to share about PPClix today, as they are working to compensate for all the money that I missed out on. I got credit for double my user's click today meaning I got paid 9 cents total (one clicker did 4 ads.)

I know that talking about PTC's sites means I need to share money that I have made, however as I am just starting up I do not have much to show for it yet. PPClix is going through a lot of changes though, I have a friend that is a Mod and she said that they will be adding alot of new features in. My ShortBux offer still aplies, and I'm exdending it to all PPClix users as well...For every 100 clicks you give, I will pay you 50% of what I make off your clicks ($0.25 as I am not a paying member.)

ShortBux did go through another update today and have made it 10 clicks for free memebers, 25 for paid. It agrivates me a bit, but I still like the site as it is clean cut, and looks nice.

Also today I found a site that lets you get views to your site for viewing other's sites. It has a 5 level commision tree which means that you can get views from everything that they do. They also pay you a small amount for the views that you check out. It's free to sign up, and virtually effortless to sign up. Check out easyhits4u.
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Short bux


A few days ago I found this site and would like to talk a little bit about it...

It is infact anothoer PTC site, but ulike most that I have found this one generates a bit more income. As a Standard member I get 15 clicks a day at .005 cents a click. Now that is a bit of a low when you 1st look at it, but with ShortBux you get 7.5cents worth of clicks per day as a standader user, and 12.5 as a member (unless my math is a bit off.

Payout is 2 dollars which is nice, and referals can be purchased at 7$ per 5 referals. A higher price than some sites, but after talking with an online rep it seems like a good deal, as he said thier are no compaints from users.

Inorder to try to build up more referals, I am offering 50% of all click earning to the 1st 10 people to sign up. What does that mean? It means that once your account reaches 100 click under my account, I will give you 50% of all that I earn for you as a direct referal. Note: this might not be emediate as I may not have reached cash out just yet. Also I will need you to send me an email/comment when you sign up, so I know who I'm looking for. So sign up at ShortBux today!

Also I have a contest I want to submit to you all in the next few days here... It will problably be for Entrecard points, but we'll see. Hope this help you all out.
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Small Guide


Sorry for not updating anything on here, I've been very pre occpied with a few things, and havn't had much time to care about this blog... I wrote up a small guide on some of the ways I've found to make money and triond wouldn't take it so here we are...

Truth be told, most of the adverts you see online won't work. They promise you bunches of money that sounds to good to be true, and most of the times it is a hoax. Yes, there are people out there that have mad those amounts of money, but not over night. Plus, why would someone pay you to advertise on their site?

Although there are a lot of scams out there, there are some very reliable ways to get a small amount of income, and here are a few that I personally recommend...

Global Test Market- I have used this for quite some time. Although it takes awhile to generate enough to cash out (50$) I have received a check from them a while ago, and only need a few more points to cash in on my 2nd check. Basically the idea here is that they email you survey to do and you get paid for them. It can be cool as you will get to see previews to movies sometimes that no one has gotten to see.

PPClix- Now this is a site that I am rather new to it’s called a PTC site. I found it while browsing my new blog Life of a Teenage Writer. I was looking through another blogger's stuff and found it interesting that he was making 30-40 bucks a day off it. It's a site where you view adverts for a penny each, reach up to 5cents a day (10 for members) plus you get bumped half or the full cost (members) of what your referrals click on. It's free to start out and I would check it out. Other similar sites include SmithBux, and MeansBux.

me2everyone- This is a site I just stumbled over, and while I don't know a lot about it looks pretty cool. It's a new social networking site that just started where you can invest money and such into an online business. It is free to sign up, and they are offering 1,000 shares to the 1st 100,000 people who create an account. My i.d number 32480 so please add it in when you sign up.

Triond- I like this site as it is a great place to make friends while generating a small amount of income. It's not a site that you make a lot on anytime soon, but it will give you a place to get some positive feedback on your writing. Another site to try would be Associated Content, though they don't pay non US users. You do however get an upfront fee, and while you must wait a week for them to decide about your pay I have published 3 articles (one I didn't get paid for) on there and have received 5.52 with 6 cents from views still in the vault.

This is only a simple guide, and I have yet to tap into blogging which I have recently started. I hope it gives you some useful tips, and provides a bit more income for you all.
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Up for Starters


I want to make another blog, as I see that I am putting up the sites I find that have money making potential. I recommend SmithBux, PPClix, and ClixSense as they look pretty legit, and I've had a few reliable people recomend them.

You only get 1 penny per ad that you click on, but here is how it works. You get like 4-5 links ( ClixSense has like 20, and I think it works a bit differently) to go to each day. They pay you 1 penny for each ad that you view (takes like 30sec or less.) Now 4 cents is close to nothing, but you get paid another penny for all of your referrals clicks...that means you can be making 4 bucks a day (with 100 referrals) not hard for someone with a blog to promote. Not the best source of income, but it is nice to get a little money for doing nothing.

Personally, PPClix looks the most reliable, so I would go there 1st. Enjoy.

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