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Adgitize your web site.

After 3 days of payment with Adgitize I am very happy! I have accumulated $1.71, which is more than I have ever received in one month to date. This would have been higher, but I accidentally waited till 10:10 to post an entry on one of my blogs. (The cut off was at 10)

But in other clicking news, I finally got some referrals for ShortBux! I’m especially glad about this because I’ve already gotten paid by them before (See Post HERE), and that would mean that I will get closer to payout faster.

CashCrate has been slow this month as I have gotten rather lazy. I’ve accumulated approximately 5$ though, and plan to hit the 20$ mark this month so I can cash out. This will be really good, as I am working on paying for a newsletter service that will run me 19$ a month. (Yeah, it can be pricey.)

Also I just got a payment from Triond the other day. I know that it ain’t much, but considering it’s for people just looking at my articles… I think it is quite an accomplishment.

Anyways, for all you out there trying to make money online, know that it is possible. I may not be a lot, but it is a start. Have fun making money online.

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Yeah Adgitize is great and now I found a site like Vinefire that actually pays 25 bucks for free members and 10 bucks for premium if you upgrade and I am earning now 50cents a day just clicking there so even without refs or doing any extra actions I can earn 15 bucks a month plus shove my own links on there for free. I am an avid clicker. I click all day and all the sites I am in now are paying ones.

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