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My top droppers this month

Well I am too busy today to do much else so here is a list of my top droppers. Thank you all so much.

Learning How To Make Money Online
Make Money Online Info Center
Life of a Teenage Writer
Article Marketing Methods
Rags to Riches in the Cyberworld
Entre blogger
Enjoy Work As Leisure
Makes You Laugh
Videos 4 U
Online Money Intelligence

Yes, I know that I dropped on myself :) But it was only like 20 drops so I'm sure you all could have beaten it if you wanted to.
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New additions to the Web Page and News of what's to come

While looking through other people's money blog I realize that they displaying how much they are making somewhere on their page that I don't have one. So today I spent a good 20min. trying to add one to the page.

Also I want to offer up some advertising spots to anyone that wants it, which is why I'm going to be installing some Performance Ad Widgets at 50cents a week probably along the top of the 125x125 ads I already have up. In addition to all of this I am adding a Followers Widget for all of you that want a little extra publicity.

I want to get rid of most of the banners at the top of the page, they seem to just get in the way and I don't want you all to have to look them so I'm moving them to a different location and installing AdSense instead.

Since tomorrow is the 31 I will be linking my top droppers if all goes well. I am busy, but I think I will be able to take advantage of this. As for my next really blog entry I plan to give a more in depth review of SwagBucks and CashCrate (the two sites I most recently joined.
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Yuwie:Social Networking that pays


As I've been browsing the web I always seem to see a link for the site Yuwie. It is a social networking site that pays users to direct traffic to their site. Now I was asking myself, why would they pay me to get people to visit the site? Well the answer is simple.

When I bring friends to my page, they see the advertising that goes along with that page. Because they are making say 50cents per 1000page views you get, they can easily afford to fork over 10% of it.

How is the layout compared to MySpace or Facebook?

Quite truthfully it is not quite as good. The layout is a bit messed up, and the ads get in the way sometime, but the idea is good, and I do like the fact that it is extremely easy to set up banners to promote your site.

How do I generate page views?

Well, you get views from anything that is yours on the site. Blog entries, picture views, anything that is on your page you get credit for. Even if someone only visits your site once, and doesn't sign up that is still one page view that you managed to get.

Bottom Line: How much can I make?

Because they want views so badly they page you for a % of your referals views as well. This process can go as deep as 10 levels. So how much you make is really dependent on how many views you and your friends get. If you want a more detailed explanation of this, head over to Yuwie.

If you want to view my profile click here. So what are you waiting for, Join me At Yuwie
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Payment Proof!!


As you all know I am a big fan of taking surveys online. Two or three days ago I got my 3rd check from Global Test Market, and since I actually have a blog now, I thought share the pic with you would be worth it. So here you go, feel free to click on that link to sign up.
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Now that you are saving, why not get some page views


The other day, I shared on how to save some money, but what good is money if you don't have an audience. Now this post I will keep brief. I just got a check in the mail for 50$ from a survey company, and am really wanting to show you all that, but tomorrow I'll dedicate a whole post to it.

As a blogger, we usually want people to read our work, sometimes however that is not the most important thing, it is merely page impression. (the more that view it the more likely you are to get a reader.) Entrecard works alright for this, as it is big on making sure that you connect with other bloggers, but sometimes 100 views a day is not enough, and we would like to get more.

That is where Traffic Exchanges, and Auto Surfs, come into play. Now I don't recommend these to all readers as they can take up a lot of time if you aren't careful, but they work very nice, and best of all you can get credit for a % of referral's work also( up to like 5 levels deep.) I know that there are others, but right now I just want to show you the ones that I use. AutoSurfHit, and EasyHits4U.

Now I know it ain't much, but on top of getting views you also get cash (10cents per day at AutoSurf, and 30cents per 1000 views on EasyHits.) Truthfully I don't use this for the cash, as it is really not worth it, but I think the views I get are. Basically how it works is that that for every page you view you get a credit (after waiting for a 20sec timer), on EasyHits you much click a button, where as AutoSurf automatically does it. The only thing is is that Auto Surf gives you credits for having others sign up, where EasyHits gives you cash (they must visit 100 sites; but that only takes 15min.)

So If you want a bit more traffic, and a little extra dough, head over to one or the other and check 'em out. Also make sure to send me a message with you user name so I can give you EC credits or something for signing underneath me.
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Hold it, Rewind, Fix the Problem, Play. (That, and some tips to save)

I realize after thinking about it that my goal of 100Thousand right now is not practical. Not because I think that the time frame is off, but because of the money I will be required to spend during this time in my life. I am actively working on writing articles for AC, filling out surveys, clicking, and working for eWorks during the weekend, but sometimes, it's not enough.

I want to start selling adverts here on MMT, but I'm realizing that my blog is kind of filling up with 125x125's on the right side panel, and don't want to be a "sell out" blogger. Please give me some feedback on what you think, and tell me how I can add to the blog without causing it to get too "addy."

As you have seen I added a Feed Button to my blog. I happily already have some readers though no one has dropped my to say hello. If there is something I can do to improve you experience, Please let me know.

Onto the Money
Since I assume the only reason you all read this blog is to make some money, I do have a few tricks up my sleeve today. Two days ago I talked about goal setting when it comes to making money. Today I want to talk a little about saving it.

Saving a little even in a crises
Now I know that I am still rather new to "the real world," but I have realized that to get anywhere you need some extra money. With the times we have right now, it seems like saving money is impossible but it is not. People merely overspend, and that is what causes debts, foreclose, and bankruptcy.

The trick when saving is to calculate the amount of income you get, subtract your necessary costs, figure in how much you plan use for entertainment, then put the rest in the bank, or invest it in the stock market.
  • You earn 16$ per hour working for a company, at 40 hours a week.
  • With all the bills you are forced to pay 2,000 a month. This leaves you 560 dollars left to spend. (granted I have no idea how this would actually be, but go with me for a second.
  • 560$ left to spend. Now a good rule of thumb would be to deposit 10% of whatever you make, but some people can't afford this, so lets just say you put 200 in the bank for safe keeping. This means that you still have $360 to spend how you please.

Now this is not encouraging you to over spend. If you see that you have more money than you need that week/month, save it! There is nothing worse than getting stuck in a situation like a car repair where you have to fork over an extra $500 that you don't have. And when you do spend money, be smart about it. Sometimes the generic brand not as good, but if it costs a dollar less than the nationwide product it might worth your while to go with it anyway. And for those of us teens, don't just eat out all the time. Making a lunch twice a week saves you 10$ a week=40$= 480$ a year! Spending smart is the same as all ends with a little more in your pocket.

Lastly, banks, and The Stock Market

Now this isn't for all of us, as some would rather be smart with their money, but the stock market is a great way to invest your money (if you know what you are doing.) Now yes, some would say it is gambling, but as long as you are educated, it really isn't gambling. For those that are still sceptical put your money in the bank. It's not a lot, but 2 or 3% on your money is still really good. Just make sure that when looking for a bank you choose the best interest rate you can. If you can find on that is higher at another bank, then do it! Loyalty means nothing when it comes to you, your money, and the bank, and if you aren't getting paid higher, than really you are just robbing yourself.

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Learning to Read. The Teenager Way

Reading for Teenagers
A way for students that get over-burned with homework to still learn to enjoy the art of reading.
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Setting Goals, and Sticking with Them


So when it comes to money and making it, it is important to set out a list of what you want to accomplish, well all things really. For those of you following LoaTW, (my other blog) you will find that I am personally working on a few goals myself, and one of them is to have 100,000$ sitting in my bank account by the time that I am 25.

I know it is a stretch. especially with college, and everything else that I have coming up, but I figure a dream is at least worth the journey. So, as of yesterday I worked out my plan, and while I am still working on details, I at least have a plan.

The Steps
Introduce Income
Well as those that have been reading know, I am a big fan of PTC sites though I have still made not that huge amount of money. The ones that I am following atm are PPClix, SmithBux, Meansbux, ClixSense, UnoBux, NotSoTricky and ShortBux. Although I am making only pennies right now, I know that it is better than all those out of work right now. Here is an analysis of what I am making on average per day.
PPclix $0.14
SmithBux $0.06
MeansBux $0.05
ClixSense $0.05
UnoBux $0.04
ShortBux $0.035

Total $0.38

Now yes, I know this income sucks especially for the time I put in right now, however I hope to get a few more referrals once I cash out at PPClix (they have had some really bad issues with the beta)

Additionally I am making 5cents off Adgitize and 10 off today with Clips. AC paid me again for 3 dollars For an article on Reading for Teenagers. Here is the proof.

also I am getting a few bucks here and there for Adsense which is nice, and some survey sites (adding proofs later.)

Plans to Improve
So why all this, well it is showing what I am making off the web right now, to show you how much I make in the future. Right now my goal is $5000 by the end of this year. I plan on getting a job and working towards this goal more in depth but for now, this is what I have, as school holds me from making much more.

So for now that is my plan, I know it isn't much and the direction is a bit iffy, but I'm working on the details as I go.
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SwagBux: Earn for surfin


Search & Win

So I found this while browsing a few other blogs on EC. The premise is simple, you search the Internet and they pay you with SwagBucks. These bucks can then be traded in for a variety of different gift cards, toys, books, and other accessories on sites around the web.

Now how does this rate to Google?
Well truth be told, the skin is not as nice, and the results are not always as accurate as Google's search engines, however, the idea of earning a few dollars just for browsing the interest sounds good to me.

Other Benefits?
Well they do allow you to "go green," as they have a spot that lets you earn bucks for merely sending in your used cell phone. Also, they give you all the bucks that your Refs earn too, which means the more you refer, the more you can make. In addition to this, they also have prizes for those that find the code on their Facebook page, and redeem it. And lastly, they have have a store that you can visit that lets you earn One SB everytime you spend 5$ in one of their partner's stores!

Bottom Line?
It is still pretty early for me to tell, but the users seem pretty happy with the site. I've used it to do a little browsing and now have 9 bucks total. I would definitely recommend testing it out, as it seems pretty sweet. As for the test well, I'll let you know how it works for me.

EC Shout Out
Also really quick, I just wanted to about Entrecard for a moment. As all you bloggers that use the service know, they are now allowing us to cash our points in for actual money. I see many people commenting and talking about how bummed they are, but the truth is, I don't see what the big deal is!

OK, so you don't want to get filled up with ads, I understand that, and for those of us over at, we have to be worried that we won't get anymore readers, but look at it from EC's point of view...They need to generate more cash income for their site as I personally don't think they are earning enough. The only problem that I have with this whole scheme is the cost of the points. I know they haven't announced is yet, but I would like to get a decent amount for my points, and I have a feeling that I might get very little.

O well, money is money, and I will make sure that all that I get is put to good use. I thank EC for this opportunity as it will hopefully prove fruitful.
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Earn Some Easy EC Credit with me


So I realized that I won't generate any readers without a contest or two. That is why I'm going to try and give participants EC credits for accomplishing certain things, as I have an over abundance that I don't know what to do with.

Those of you that are willing to comment will have a shot at an extra 100EC over the coarse of a month. The leading Commentor will win this prize along with a short entry about his or her blog on this site.


I realize that not all of you are fond of PTC sites, but I'm a huge advicate as I have earned money off them. Inorder to get a few more fans I want to offer up an opportunity for you to gain a little even if you decide that they aren't for you, and since people all over seem to be offering out services for everything I figure I can offer this up to you.

Some sites are under maintenance so I won't put those up right now, but here are the sites, how much they pay, and how much I offer if you sign up. Please note that in order to get credit for these I need you to comment with your user name that you signed up with and remain active for at least a week.

UnoBux - The place to earn money - Improve, earn & withdraw instantly!
Clicks pay 1cent each. Usually 4 clicks a day for non members. (100EC)

Clicks pay 1cent each. Usually 4 clicks a day for non members. (100EC)
Clicks pay .5cent each. Usually 7 clicks a day for non members. (75EC)

This site only offers .125 clicks, but has a no cash out limit. Plus they have paid to sign up which lets you get 5 to 15 cents for trying out another program.
(20 EC)

I wish I could offer more for all this, but with only a week guarantee it's hard to continue payout. If you plan to stay around longer than a week contact me and we will work something out.
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For the most part I realize that this blog has kind of died. It's mostly due to the fact that I have been lazy...but also, because all I've been doing is making pennies, that haven't really added to anything. I do have a payment proof for Associated Content on an article that I wrote about Optimizing Your Time Online. Here is the proof, and I hope you enjoy the article.
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