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So yes it is a bit delayed but I finally got payed from CMF ads. The funny thing is though that you actually do better on your money if you keep it on the site (aka invest it so you get more hits to your blog.) Anyways, it appears that paypal is now charging a fee for everything not just to the sellers on the market.

Three dollars ain't bad for just putting the ads up on my site and letting them sit. If you want to advertise your blog, or make a bit of profit off it check out the site

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Starting up NeoBux

So as you all know I have been a fan of PTC sites, the only problem is that a lot of them tend to be scams. The one site however I have found that most people highly recommend is NeoBux. Because of computer issues, I have not been really able to log on to this site, but luckily something changed in the last few days.

I went ahead and invest 5$ just so I could buy some referrals, and get to cash out sooner. Now yes, I have seen a lot of posts talking about how it is a scam, but in those posts are a ton of people saying that it is not a scam. So NeoBux, this is going to be an interesting test. I already have 38 cents sitting in my account, and am aiming for the $2.00 cashout. I will let you all know how it is going as time moves on.

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