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Helping out your Referals

It is important to remember that when you are recruiting people always make sure that you help them out with their questions unless you don't know the answer in which case either tell them of you don't know, or tell them you will find out.

I saw this problem over at CashCrate when my referrer said that she couldn't believe that people don't help their referrals, and personally I can't either. If you get referred try to ask them questions the day that you sign up. If they don't answer then it is problem just better to sign up with someone else. Why? They brag about how much they make then can turn around to help you; the person that is mostly likely making most of their cash for them.

Make sure that you show respect to those that sign up under you, and make sure that you find people worth signing up. Feel free to sing up under me as I will make sure to answer what I know, and will ask what I don't.

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