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5 Steps to Gaining Readership and not Burn Out Blogging

As I was writing up this article I realized that the reason that blogs fail is because the blogger loses hope with his blog, and stops blogging right before he or she starts to get members. This is kind of what happened to me, when I wrote Fail Blog, and have since realized that I need to actually start this blog up if I would like to get a readership

Here are some things you can do to prevent yourself to falling into the “I’m a bad blogger” category. Take Referance to 5 Things You Should Learn Before Starting a Blog if you would like to get some additional help.

1. Start talking about something that you love.
Well who doesn’t love making money right? I know I do. The only problem with this is that once I got up to start talking about I got burned out. How am I going to fix this? Well I’m going to change the premise of the blog just a little bit. I am still talking about money, but it is gonna have more tips on saving, and making money through blog improvements. I realize this might work off my niche a bit, but what kind of a niche is Making Money? It’s so broad, and it’s not like I can go farther down.

2. Have a Good Layout
The biggest problem with blogs is usually the layout. I say this, because a lot of people set up a free blogger account, throw on some widgets, and then call it quits. If you want to get a strong readership you need to have something that is readable. Go out and find a FREE template, there are plenty online, and there are multiple guides on how to install them. This is called Cellar Heat and don’t ask me how, but I found a blogger version of it.

3. Get your Own Domain Name
Now at the moment I am currently at a pass on this one. I say it, because nearly a week ago is when I finally got a domain name over at LoaTW and that is when I found the horrific truth that your page rank doesn’t carry over from Some people can actually excel with a blogspot address, but if you want a real readership your own domain is import. It gives you a greater sense of accomplishment, and will actually help you be a better blogger. (This may sound like bogus, but it’s not. If you invest money in something you will most likely care about it more.)

4. Remain Consistent
Now this doesn’t mean that you have the freedom to post 3 times a day, but set out a goal. Say…3 posts a week. This will give you room to read your comments, and respond during your off days, not to mention it will keep your readers coming back for more daily. Along with this, if you find yourself wanting to post more than once a day, recommend typing it up in a word document and letting it sit for a day or two. This way you get a fresh mind looking at it, and can improve it (see Editing your Work.)

5. Read other Blogs
It will give you something to do when you are not blogging, and might even get you some more readers while you are at it. Just make sure that all comments relative, and if you didn’t read the article, don’t bother commenting, as most people can just tell when you are full of BS. Just remember that you will never learn anything if you never read. A lot of what I post about is something I have taken from another blog just worded differently and in different format.

So what do you think, are these good ideas or just something that you read over and over again? What recommendations would you suggest to prevent from burning out as a blogger?

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This is true and I experienced before. I bought a domain name too and yes the blogspot PR will not be carry but if the google update and see your new website or blog they will somehow give you PR. Next time you link use the new one. PR is not that important if you are not into post for payment lol.

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