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Why Adgitize is Such a Good Service.

As you know I have upgraded my Adgitize account on LoaTW to Advirtiser. The reason being is that it generates views to my site, along with give me a little extra income.

Now over the last two weeks I have been gathering up information on how my ad has been doing. Here are some points I would like to make about Adgitize.

It's easy to set up
Setting up my ad literally took me about 5minutes or less, and that was because I forgot where my image for my ad was.

My page views went up dramatically
Ever since I got the ad on Adgitize I have never dropped below 100 views and my # of page views made its way up to 185.

Comments have increased
By day one I had already received one comment from someone using Adgitize. The best part was that it wasn't just a random comment. it had some quality and was actually incitement.

Income is always nice
With the last 2 weeks I have actually generated almost twice as much income as I have before I became an advertiser. This puts my total for the month at $7.26.

Those are my reasons for joining. So how bout you? Have you had success with Adgitize?

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Combine EntreCard with Adgitize and put 10 Adgitize Ads on your blog and your Ad views + Page views will skyrock in the next days.

Just drop 300 EntreCards and try to get members who will drop back the same or the next day. This helped me. Usually i get nearly 400 points each day in Adgitize!

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