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ShortBux Payment confirmed!

Last night I logged into my Hotmail account and found a payment from ShortBux .

It's for 2 dollars and I now its not a lot, but it excites me that I know know it truly works. If you would like to test it out you can find a link here .

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Not a Great Month for PTC

Regrettably this month has been very bad for PTC. PPClix has had to announce a reset due to the amount of false accounts, people stealing money from the site, and just plain old problems. Also it seems that SmithBux has gone out of business right before I managed to cash out :(

Now I'm not saying that PTC is hopeless, but I am saying that, if you are going to invest be very carefull with how you spend. I know people that have made a lot of money with these programs, and there are a lot that don't make and even loose some. Just be careful.
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The Dangers of Blogging for Money

Making money on the internet can be very appealing. It can be fun, easy, and you get to do it all without having to the comfort of your own home. The problem is that when most people start out, they get this idea that they are going to me making millions their 1st day when the fact of the matter is that most people won’t even make a few dollars for at least a month. That is why when you start a blog, money really needs to be the farthest thing from your mind[...] Continue Reading
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Proof that SwagBucks Works

So earlier this week I went ahead and redeemed a song on SwagBucks. The song is called Floating Down the River Jason Damato, and while it is a bit on the slow side of things it is a pretty descent song. The best part was that I got it for one swag buck, which I thought was really nice.

But yeah, for all you skeptics out there the service does work and I recommend it. So go try it out.
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Fail Blog

So yesterday marked my 3 months on this site, and I've realized it has really not led me anywhere. I've made a view pennies off of adsense, made some buck from other sites, but ultimately...I haven't really done anything with this blog, as my readers are low, and my comments are non existent.

So I think I need to reconsider the way that I work this site. I can't afford buying a domain name which goes to show you even more how bad this site is (I didn't even get a page rank)

So from here on I'm going to continue showing the little bit of money that I am making, but more importantly try to give some advice on saving more of the money that you have. If you want your name post up here I'm gonna start offering text links for those that continuously comment.
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Money Making is looking good


I have been extremely busy with school, breakdancing, and trying to get a date for prom and havn't had much time to post lately. I have been active with my dropping and it looks now like it is going to pay off...

EntreCard has been talking a long while about how they were converting to a paid network where we can cash in our credits for cash. There have been a lot of complainers, and a lot of speculations it all would work, but they have finally got the ads up and are going to hopefully have the cashout feature this weekend.

As for the cash we get for the our credits well... We aren't exactly sure, but they say that hopefully after they work some stuff out we will be able to payout 15$ per 1000EC . Click HERE if you would like to read everything that they have.

As for other money making ventures, I have finally made my way to cash out at SmithBux and will be posting me Payment Proof once I get it.

CashCrate is still doing pretty good for me, though I've only hit like $2 this month because I've been so busy. I do however have 2 refs now, and plan on hitting at least 25$ by the end of this month. for those that haven't signed up it truly is a great service, and I recommend it to anyone that wants to make a few easy bucks.

Till tomorrow that is all that I got for now. Hope you have a great day!

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Money making through Searching and Offer Completion

As you all know I posted up a new site that I found 2 or 3 weeks ago called SwagBucks. Since then I have been using the service, and would like to give you a review of it along with a new site I have been using called CashCrate.

Search & Win

As I said before this is a site where where they pay you when you search. Now its not real money, but they give you what is called 'SwagBucks' and you can use those to snag merchandise off their site.

Ways to earn

Now searching is not the only that you can generate 'Bucks.' You can add them on Twitter, follow their blog/facebook, or you can send in your old cell phones/mp3 players. Also you get credit for referrals' first 100 bucks, and for those of you that follow under my twitter I'll give you the code when I get so we can all share the 'swag love.'

My Overall Opinion
I like it a lot. The site seems pretty good, and I have already earned '25 Bucks.' The search is not as great Google, but it works fairly well. I have yet to cash out yet as I am saving for a prize worth having but I'm not worried as searching is something that I do everyday. So all in all I recommend it from what I have seen, and will give you all a bigger update when I get my first payment.

I really like the idea of this site. Basically you fill out surveys, and offers to earn both cash and points. The points can be cashed in for prizes, and the cash can be redeemed after you reach a $20 minimum cash out.

How Much I Make Per Day
I started out trying to work up to $4.00 a day, but that didn't work after I ran into some problems with my family firewall. You can make a whole lot depending on the amount of referrals you have. Realistically though, it's up to you. You can make $20 or $0.20 as there is close to a hundred offers everyday.

It's a good site. It is built well and has a good feel to it. It can get tedious sometime as there are pending offers that I have had for a while that have yet to go through as some companies are stupid, but other than that I see no problems. I would have gotten a check but because I only signed up on the 23rd I wasn't able hit the the cash out. But I say Try Out CashCrate.

Oh and here is my totals on Money earned:
PTC Sites-- $0.26
Adgitize--- $0.05
Adsense---- $0.50
CashCrate-- $0.25
Triond/AC-- $1.01
Surf/Hits-- $0.10
Surveys---- $10.00 (got a gift card for StarBucks in the mail.)

Month of March Total $79.9ish
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