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So yesterday marked my 3 months on this site, and I've realized it has really not led me anywhere. I've made a view pennies off of adsense, made some buck from other sites, but ultimately...I haven't really done anything with this blog, as my readers are low, and my comments are non existent.

So I think I need to reconsider the way that I work this site. I can't afford buying a domain name which goes to show you even more how bad this site is (I didn't even get a page rank)

So from here on I'm going to continue showing the little bit of money that I am making, but more importantly try to give some advice on saving more of the money that you have. If you want your name post up here I'm gonna start offering text links for those that continuously comment. Stumble Delicious Facebook Technorati Twitter

That is awesome. I have been in the same boat for 7 months now. I just went through an entire redesign and changed my content model. We shall see...

Aw you haven't failed. Just keep at it. I had to work on my blog for a good few months before I even started seeing any kind of traffic to it. And I still have ALOT to do!

Just keep working at it and you'll get there someday! And thanks for stopping by my blog HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE FREE FAST AND EASY!I really appreciate the nice comment! I like my new layout as well too!

You have talent but you are doing a few things wrong. Please visit my blog to see what you can do to start making money with CashCrate referrals and money in general with your blog. It will be a lot of work but you already know that.

Also, you might think of getting a "contact" page on your two blogs.

Seriously, you have the blogging talent to make a lot more than you are making.

Let me help you out ! I made 135.98 with Google AdSense last month ! My hosting plan only cost me 50.00 per year . Anyone can afford that .you can pick and choose what what you like with no pressure sales ! And I have lots of informational pages to help keep cost down . If you want to advertise on a small budget click the link in center of my landing page just above the searh box !

Hope this helps ,


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