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Short bux

A few days ago I found this site and would like to talk a little bit about it...

It is infact anothoer PTC site, but ulike most that I have found this one generates a bit more income. As a Standard member I get 15 clicks a day at .005 cents a click. Now that is a bit of a low when you 1st look at it, but with ShortBux you get 7.5cents worth of clicks per day as a standader user, and 12.5 as a member (unless my math is a bit off.

Payout is 2 dollars which is nice, and referals can be purchased at 7$ per 5 referals. A higher price than some sites, but after talking with an online rep it seems like a good deal, as he said thier are no compaints from users.

Inorder to try to build up more referals, I am offering 50% of all click earning to the 1st 10 people to sign up. What does that mean? It means that once your account reaches 100 click under my account, I will give you 50% of all that I earn for you as a direct referal. Note: this might not be emediate as I may not have reached cash out just yet. Also I will need you to send me an email/comment when you sign up, so I know who I'm looking for. So sign up at ShortBux today!

Also I have a contest I want to submit to you all in the next few days here... It will problably be for Entrecard points, but we'll see. Hope this help you all out. Stumble Delicious Facebook Technorati Twitter

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