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Me2Everyone. Free shares out there for the taking!!!

Yesterday, I showed you all a link to Zenzuu; a new site that shares the ad revenue from it's site with the all the users who sign up. Well about a week ago I ran past a site that is giving out shares to the 1st 100,000 people to sign up.

The site name is Me2Everyone, and it is a social networking site that runs on it's members. It's going to be a massive online network where people can interact, set up businesses, and overall, create an online community that will interact much more in depth than Myspace, or Facebook.

They don't ask for any information right now other than basic contact info (email, name, and stuff of that sort), but will require a account to pay you your shares once the site is up and running. You get 1000 shares just for signing up!!!

As an incentive I am giving the 1st 10 bloggers who sign up underneath me a 50 point entrecard incentive, and will give recognition on my page for 2 weeks to those who are not interested with entrecard (a link, with your name up at the top, and a brief bio on your site's info.... PLUS, a name entry in each of my blog entries for the next week.)

So...go sign up, send me a comment, and leave your account I.D. Number. (mine is 32480) Get your free shares while they are still available!!! Stumble Delicious Facebook Technorati Twitter

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