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A list of updates

So PPClix is finally turning around for me. Qi gave me a bit of money so I was able to switch out some of my dead refs, and get some new ones. I should be hitting $2.00 total here in the 3 days or so, and plan on posting my payment proofs as soon as I get it.

I keep seeing Project Wonderful ads all over the place, and am very much looking forward to hitting 30 post so I can use it. I know I am sadly only at 7 post including this one, but it will be a goal to work for. I do have 14 posts on Life of a Teenage Writer, which should escalate to 30 in the next month if I don't get lazy that is.

Also today I found PayingPost. My content is still being reviewed, but hopefully I'll be earning some money from them if everything goes through, and people want my opinion that is :)

Money making on the Internet is fun for me, as it posses a challenge. I've been using, and will continue to use easyhits4u because I figure eventually getting more hits to my page will be worth it. I set up a link to PPClix so hopefully I'll see some traffic there.

Another big update is that Adgitize is sort of back online. Their servers are still a bit messed up, but they should be back in the next week. I was upset that I didn't get paid for all my posts lately, but I wasn't advertising, so I think I'm alright.

Lastly, I hope that everyone has a great weekend. I will being doing my best to post, but I guess we will see how that all goes. Also we have the Super Bowl, so I am going to plan on adding some commercials from it to the site if I can.
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