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I want to make another blog, as I see that I am putting up the sites I find that have money making potential. I recommend SmithBux, PPClix, and ClixSense as they look pretty legit, and I've had a few reliable people recomend them.

You only get 1 penny per ad that you click on, but here is how it works. You get like 4-5 links ( ClixSense has like 20, and I think it works a bit differently) to go to each day. They pay you 1 penny for each ad that you view (takes like 30sec or less.) Now 4 cents is close to nothing, but you get paid another penny for all of your referrals clicks...that means you can be making 4 bucks a day (with 100 referrals) not hard for someone with a blog to promote. Not the best source of income, but it is nice to get a little money for doing nothing.

Personally, PPClix looks the most reliable, so I would go there 1st. Enjoy.

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gREAT START, i WILL come back to explain and answer your question tomorrow as I am very tired tomorrow.

Hello I joined pay per post and have a blog with over 20 posts and 90 days old so I am earning a bit there whenever I can catch an opportunity. PPclix has a new upgraded server and ddos attacks were diverted so I will do my clicks in a bit lol Have fun..

I am a member of pay per post. If your blog is90 days old and has a minimum of 20 posts you can register for ppp. Also PPclix has a new scripts so things should run smoothly from now on. Have fun.

I know that PPClix will be great. They upgraded the servers so from this week onwards tings should be good..

You need to update this blog lol.

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