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Updates on PTC

I'm pleased to share about PPClix today, as they are working to compensate for all the money that I missed out on. I got credit for double my user's click today meaning I got paid 9 cents total (one clicker did 4 ads.)

I know that talking about PTC's sites means I need to share money that I have made, however as I am just starting up I do not have much to show for it yet. PPClix is going through a lot of changes though, I have a friend that is a Mod and she said that they will be adding alot of new features in. My ShortBux offer still aplies, and I'm exdending it to all PPClix users as well...For every 100 clicks you give, I will pay you 50% of what I make off your clicks ($0.25 as I am not a paying member.)

ShortBux did go through another update today and have made it 10 clicks for free memebers, 25 for paid. It agrivates me a bit, but I still like the site as it is clean cut, and looks nice.

Also today I found a site that lets you get views to your site for viewing other's sites. It has a 5 level commision tree which means that you can get views from everything that they do. They also pay you a small amount for the views that you check out. It's free to sign up, and virtually effortless to sign up. Check out easyhits4u. Stumble Delicious Facebook Technorati Twitter

That's a great offer, I want your paypal addy by the way, time for you to get a bonus tomorrow morning! Please send me it..hehhe

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