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Sorry for not updating anything on here, I've been very pre occpied with a few things, and havn't had much time to care about this blog... I wrote up a small guide on some of the ways I've found to make money and triond wouldn't take it so here we are...

Truth be told, most of the adverts you see online won't work. They promise you bunches of money that sounds to good to be true, and most of the times it is a hoax. Yes, there are people out there that have mad those amounts of money, but not over night. Plus, why would someone pay you to advertise on their site?

Although there are a lot of scams out there, there are some very reliable ways to get a small amount of income, and here are a few that I personally recommend...

Global Test Market- I have used this for quite some time. Although it takes awhile to generate enough to cash out (50$) I have received a check from them a while ago, and only need a few more points to cash in on my 2nd check. Basically the idea here is that they email you survey to do and you get paid for them. It can be cool as you will get to see previews to movies sometimes that no one has gotten to see.

PPClix- Now this is a site that I am rather new to it’s called a PTC site. I found it while browsing my new blog Life of a Teenage Writer. I was looking through another blogger's stuff and found it interesting that he was making 30-40 bucks a day off it. It's a site where you view adverts for a penny each, reach up to 5cents a day (10 for members) plus you get bumped half or the full cost (members) of what your referrals click on. It's free to start out and I would check it out. Other similar sites include SmithBux, and MeansBux.

me2everyone- This is a site I just stumbled over, and while I don't know a lot about it looks pretty cool. It's a new social networking site that just started where you can invest money and such into an online business. It is free to sign up, and they are offering 1,000 shares to the 1st 100,000 people who create an account. My i.d number 32480 so please add it in when you sign up.

Triond- I like this site as it is a great place to make friends while generating a small amount of income. It's not a site that you make a lot on anytime soon, but it will give you a place to get some positive feedback on your writing. Another site to try would be Associated Content, though they don't pay non US users. You do however get an upfront fee, and while you must wait a week for them to decide about your pay I have published 3 articles (one I didn't get paid for) on there and have received 5.52 with 6 cents from views still in the vault.

This is only a simple guide, and I have yet to tap into blogging which I have recently started. I hope it gives you some useful tips, and provides a bit more income for you all.
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