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Earn Some Easy EC Credit with me

So I realized that I won't generate any readers without a contest or two. That is why I'm going to try and give participants EC credits for accomplishing certain things, as I have an over abundance that I don't know what to do with.

Those of you that are willing to comment will have a shot at an extra 100EC over the coarse of a month. The leading Commentor will win this prize along with a short entry about his or her blog on this site.


I realize that not all of you are fond of PTC sites, but I'm a huge advicate as I have earned money off them. Inorder to get a few more fans I want to offer up an opportunity for you to gain a little even if you decide that they aren't for you, and since people all over seem to be offering out services for everything I figure I can offer this up to you.

Some sites are under maintenance so I won't put those up right now, but here are the sites, how much they pay, and how much I offer if you sign up. Please note that in order to get credit for these I need you to comment with your user name that you signed up with and remain active for at least a week.

UnoBux - The place to earn money - Improve, earn & withdraw instantly!
Clicks pay 1cent each. Usually 4 clicks a day for non members. (100EC)

Clicks pay 1cent each. Usually 4 clicks a day for non members. (100EC)
Clicks pay .5cent each. Usually 7 clicks a day for non members. (75EC)

This site only offers .125 clicks, but has a no cash out limit. Plus they have paid to sign up which lets you get 5 to 15 cents for trying out another program.
(20 EC)

I wish I could offer more for all this, but with only a week guarantee it's hard to continue payout. If you plan to stay around longer than a week contact me and we will work something out.
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