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Hold it, Rewind, Fix the Problem, Play. (That, and some tips to save)

I realize after thinking about it that my goal of 100Thousand right now is not practical. Not because I think that the time frame is off, but because of the money I will be required to spend during this time in my life. I am actively working on writing articles for AC, filling out surveys, clicking, and working for eWorks during the weekend, but sometimes, it's not enough.

I want to start selling adverts here on MMT, but I'm realizing that my blog is kind of filling up with 125x125's on the right side panel, and don't want to be a "sell out" blogger. Please give me some feedback on what you think, and tell me how I can add to the blog without causing it to get too "addy."

As you have seen I added a Feed Button to my blog. I happily already have some readers though no one has dropped my to say hello. If there is something I can do to improve you experience, Please let me know.

Onto the Money
Since I assume the only reason you all read this blog is to make some money, I do have a few tricks up my sleeve today. Two days ago I talked about goal setting when it comes to making money. Today I want to talk a little about saving it.

Saving a little even in a crises
Now I know that I am still rather new to "the real world," but I have realized that to get anywhere you need some extra money. With the times we have right now, it seems like saving money is impossible but it is not. People merely overspend, and that is what causes debts, foreclose, and bankruptcy.

The trick when saving is to calculate the amount of income you get, subtract your necessary costs, figure in how much you plan use for entertainment, then put the rest in the bank, or invest it in the stock market.
  • You earn 16$ per hour working for a company, at 40 hours a week.
  • With all the bills you are forced to pay 2,000 a month. This leaves you 560 dollars left to spend. (granted I have no idea how this would actually be, but go with me for a second.
  • 560$ left to spend. Now a good rule of thumb would be to deposit 10% of whatever you make, but some people can't afford this, so lets just say you put 200 in the bank for safe keeping. This means that you still have $360 to spend how you please.

Now this is not encouraging you to over spend. If you see that you have more money than you need that week/month, save it! There is nothing worse than getting stuck in a situation like a car repair where you have to fork over an extra $500 that you don't have. And when you do spend money, be smart about it. Sometimes the generic brand not as good, but if it costs a dollar less than the nationwide product it might worth your while to go with it anyway. And for those of us teens, don't just eat out all the time. Making a lunch twice a week saves you 10$ a week=40$= 480$ a year! Spending smart is the same as all ends with a little more in your pocket.

Lastly, banks, and The Stock Market

Now this isn't for all of us, as some would rather be smart with their money, but the stock market is a great way to invest your money (if you know what you are doing.) Now yes, some would say it is gambling, but as long as you are educated, it really isn't gambling. For those that are still sceptical put your money in the bank. It's not a lot, but 2 or 3% on your money is still really good. Just make sure that when looking for a bank you choose the best interest rate you can. If you can find on that is higher at another bank, then do it! Loyalty means nothing when it comes to you, your money, and the bank, and if you aren't getting paid higher, than really you are just robbing yourself.

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