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SwagBux: Earn for surfin

Search & Win

So I found this while browsing a few other blogs on EC. The premise is simple, you search the Internet and they pay you with SwagBucks. These bucks can then be traded in for a variety of different gift cards, toys, books, and other accessories on sites around the web.

Now how does this rate to Google?
Well truth be told, the skin is not as nice, and the results are not always as accurate as Google's search engines, however, the idea of earning a few dollars just for browsing the interest sounds good to me.

Other Benefits?
Well they do allow you to "go green," as they have a spot that lets you earn bucks for merely sending in your used cell phone. Also, they give you all the bucks that your Refs earn too, which means the more you refer, the more you can make. In addition to this, they also have prizes for those that find the code on their Facebook page, and redeem it. And lastly, they have have a store that you can visit that lets you earn One SB everytime you spend 5$ in one of their partner's stores!

Bottom Line?
It is still pretty early for me to tell, but the users seem pretty happy with the site. I've used it to do a little browsing and now have 9 bucks total. I would definitely recommend testing it out, as it seems pretty sweet. As for the test well, I'll let you know how it works for me.

EC Shout Out
Also really quick, I just wanted to about Entrecard for a moment. As all you bloggers that use the service know, they are now allowing us to cash our points in for actual money. I see many people commenting and talking about how bummed they are, but the truth is, I don't see what the big deal is!

OK, so you don't want to get filled up with ads, I understand that, and for those of us over at, we have to be worried that we won't get anymore readers, but look at it from EC's point of view...They need to generate more cash income for their site as I personally don't think they are earning enough. The only problem that I have with this whole scheme is the cost of the points. I know they haven't announced is yet, but I would like to get a decent amount for my points, and I have a feeling that I might get very little.

O well, money is money, and I will make sure that all that I get is put to good use. I thank EC for this opportunity as it will hopefully prove fruitful. Stumble Delicious Facebook Technorati Twitter

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