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Now that you are saving, why not get some page views

The other day, I shared on how to save some money, but what good is money if you don't have an audience. Now this post I will keep brief. I just got a check in the mail for 50$ from a survey company, and am really wanting to show you all that, but tomorrow I'll dedicate a whole post to it.

As a blogger, we usually want people to read our work, sometimes however that is not the most important thing, it is merely page impression. (the more that view it the more likely you are to get a reader.) Entrecard works alright for this, as it is big on making sure that you connect with other bloggers, but sometimes 100 views a day is not enough, and we would like to get more.

That is where Traffic Exchanges, and Auto Surfs, come into play. Now I don't recommend these to all readers as they can take up a lot of time if you aren't careful, but they work very nice, and best of all you can get credit for a % of referral's work also( up to like 5 levels deep.) I know that there are others, but right now I just want to show you the ones that I use. AutoSurfHit, and EasyHits4U.

Now I know it ain't much, but on top of getting views you also get cash (10cents per day at AutoSurf, and 30cents per 1000 views on EasyHits.) Truthfully I don't use this for the cash, as it is really not worth it, but I think the views I get are. Basically how it works is that that for every page you view you get a credit (after waiting for a 20sec timer), on EasyHits you much click a button, where as AutoSurf automatically does it. The only thing is is that Auto Surf gives you credits for having others sign up, where EasyHits gives you cash (they must visit 100 sites; but that only takes 15min.)

So If you want a bit more traffic, and a little extra dough, head over to one or the other and check 'em out. Also make sure to send me a message with you user name so I can give you EC credits or something for signing underneath me. Stumble Delicious Facebook Technorati Twitter

hey!!these autosurf techniques will get u banned from adsense..take care with these things

really, I didn't know that. I guess I'll be removing the links from my blogs then.

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