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Setting Goals, and Sticking with Them

So when it comes to money and making it, it is important to set out a list of what you want to accomplish, well all things really. For those of you following LoaTW, (my other blog) you will find that I am personally working on a few goals myself, and one of them is to have 100,000$ sitting in my bank account by the time that I am 25.

I know it is a stretch. especially with college, and everything else that I have coming up, but I figure a dream is at least worth the journey. So, as of yesterday I worked out my plan, and while I am still working on details, I at least have a plan.

The Steps
Introduce Income
Well as those that have been reading know, I am a big fan of PTC sites though I have still made not that huge amount of money. The ones that I am following atm are PPClix, SmithBux, Meansbux, ClixSense, UnoBux, NotSoTricky and ShortBux. Although I am making only pennies right now, I know that it is better than all those out of work right now. Here is an analysis of what I am making on average per day.
PPclix $0.14
SmithBux $0.06
MeansBux $0.05
ClixSense $0.05
UnoBux $0.04
ShortBux $0.035

Total $0.38

Now yes, I know this income sucks especially for the time I put in right now, however I hope to get a few more referrals once I cash out at PPClix (they have had some really bad issues with the beta)

Additionally I am making 5cents off Adgitize and 10 off today with Clips. AC paid me again for 3 dollars For an article on Reading for Teenagers. Here is the proof.

also I am getting a few bucks here and there for Adsense which is nice, and some survey sites (adding proofs later.)

Plans to Improve
So why all this, well it is showing what I am making off the web right now, to show you how much I make in the future. Right now my goal is $5000 by the end of this year. I plan on getting a job and working towards this goal more in depth but for now, this is what I have, as school holds me from making much more.

So for now that is my plan, I know it isn't much and the direction is a bit iffy, but I'm working on the details as I go. Stumble Delicious Facebook Technorati Twitter

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