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Yuwie:Social Networking that pays

As I've been browsing the web I always seem to see a link for the site Yuwie. It is a social networking site that pays users to direct traffic to their site. Now I was asking myself, why would they pay me to get people to visit the site? Well the answer is simple.

When I bring friends to my page, they see the advertising that goes along with that page. Because they are making say 50cents per 1000page views you get, they can easily afford to fork over 10% of it.

How is the layout compared to MySpace or Facebook?

Quite truthfully it is not quite as good. The layout is a bit messed up, and the ads get in the way sometime, but the idea is good, and I do like the fact that it is extremely easy to set up banners to promote your site.

How do I generate page views?

Well, you get views from anything that is yours on the site. Blog entries, picture views, anything that is on your page you get credit for. Even if someone only visits your site once, and doesn't sign up that is still one page view that you managed to get.

Bottom Line: How much can I make?

Because they want views so badly they page you for a % of your referals views as well. This process can go as deep as 10 levels. So how much you make is really dependent on how many views you and your friends get. If you want a more detailed explanation of this, head over to Yuwie.

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