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Money Making is looking good

I have been extremely busy with school, breakdancing, and trying to get a date for prom and havn't had much time to post lately. I have been active with my dropping and it looks now like it is going to pay off...

EntreCard has been talking a long while about how they were converting to a paid network where we can cash in our credits for cash. There have been a lot of complainers, and a lot of speculations it all would work, but they have finally got the ads up and are going to hopefully have the cashout feature this weekend.

As for the cash we get for the our credits well... We aren't exactly sure, but they say that hopefully after they work some stuff out we will be able to payout 15$ per 1000EC . Click HERE if you would like to read everything that they have.

As for other money making ventures, I have finally made my way to cash out at SmithBux and will be posting me Payment Proof once I get it.

CashCrate is still doing pretty good for me, though I've only hit like $2 this month because I've been so busy. I do however have 2 refs now, and plan on hitting at least 25$ by the end of this month. for those that haven't signed up it truly is a great service, and I recommend it to anyone that wants to make a few easy bucks.

Till tomorrow that is all that I got for now. Hope you have a great day!

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The $15 per 1000 credit turned out to be $1.00 per 1000 credit

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