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Payments for the Month of May

This month has been really crazy with everything going on, but I did manage to generate a little income. I would be showing everything that I made as it would make the total go up, however I think it only fair that I only show the money I have made off of cash out...So here we are.

Adgitize- $14.34 This is including all the months I went as just as a publisher, but it is still impressive since I only had like 19 cents going into the 15th of the month. This is a great service that I think any new blogger should check out.

Triond- $0.95 This is a writing site that I have made close to 4 dollars with now. It isn't great if you want straight satisfaction but with over 20 hits a day, I am always hitting cash out. (note, I didn't write one article for them at all this month.)

YouData- $4.04 I was really excited when I 1st hit payout, but since then it has been a bummer. Because the site is new they don't always have enough ads and I have only made one paycheck off them.

Global Test Market- $50.00 I wish I could post an affiliate link for this site as I love it a lot, however they only allow email sign ups. This is a survey site that I have made over $200 with. The only think I don't like is that they pay by check, which means it takes them 4-5 to process the check. Still it is a good site I recommend.

ClixSense- $7.50 I was a bit mad when I found out there was a processing fee. I upgraded to premium because I wanted more ads, and affiliate opportunities also definitely worth it.

My online total... $76.83

Now I realize this is rather low. But I didn't have a chance to do too much with CashCrate this month. I plan on getting that up this next and hopefully I will start making a bit more off EntreCard since my cash out account got approved. Till later I wish you all peace, good luck in your money making adventures.

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I appreciate your visit and suggestion about down sizing pictures. Have done that; not sure why it became a problem as it wasn't before? Any way. I'm not doing well with google adsense, I keep signing up for more social networks getting listed etc; but some of these things seem to take such time! Lordy. At the rate I'm going, I'll be old and grey...oh wait I'm already am grey, so more grey by the time I hit any of the ceilings.

Looks like you're doingn pretty well, wondering how as a student. I remember how busy my daughter was in undergrad. 2 majors, minor, church, choir, working, and on and on.

anyway...come by for another virtual vacation, it's good to relax a minute.

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