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How to make money off your Referral links

Now for a lot of out there we spend a lot of time writing up posts, posting affiliate links, and yet still…no one joins up on the sites that we talk about. Now although the chances are that you are probably just not get enough traffic, it helps to get a boost of income just when someone clicks on your link. How do you do this? By using websites let you shorten it. Not tinyurl but…

I recent stumbled upon two different sites that let you monetize your outgoing links. The 1st is called Linkbee, while the 2nd is called Adfly. Setting up an account is easy (email, name, user, and pass) and from here you just put in a link and they give you a shortened version of the link that has an advert that your clickers can either pass up, or just watch. Also what is nice is that the two sites track your clicks, so you can know how many people are actually clicking on them.

So what is the difference between the two sites? Well here are my 1st impressions.
Linkbee has a much better looking interface. You can set up links as well as banners, plus upload pictures, and you can have it upload straight to your twitter account. The advantage here is that you can also get cash from you refs at 15%, 10%, 5%, 5%, and 5% for each level down to 5. CPM is $1.50 in the states, so you won’t get rich quick but you will make a bit of extra cash. Cashout is 15$.

Adfly is not as good, but it has some perks. You can have links up, but not banners or pics (that I can see.) CPM is only $1 and payment with refs is only 1 level deep, but it is set at 20% which is very nice. The think that I like about this site is that unlike Linkbee it codes the pages so that they work out perfectly for Twitter (almost like a Tinyurl link). Cashout is 20$ but you start out with 5$ in your account.

So for these two link shorteners I would recommend Adfly for when you are using Twitter, and Linkbee when adding stuff to your site as it won’t irritate your visitors as much.

So now the ball is in your court. What experiences have you had with link shorteners such as these? Would you recommend them? What other sites out there are better or worse?

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