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My month with Adgitize

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So this last month I have be using Adgitize as a means to get more traffic over to LoaTW. It had its ups and downs but There where some things I really liked about it.

I made all my money back
It wasn't the easiest money in the world but I did make over 17$. This will help pay for next month and was quite rewarding to get a hold of.

I got a lot more traffic
I officially hit over 100 hits every single day which was nice. Not all of was quality, but I did manage to get some feedback and my readership went up by about 5 to 10 people. Plus on top of all this my bounce rate didn't go up that much which was nice for me.

Entrecard Spiked
The amount of hits that I received to my widget was defiantly nice. I got at least 80 hits everyday to my widget, and was able to use the cash out system to make 15$ this month with EntreCard.

Would I recommend it?
Yes, I would very much recommend it especially for anyone who is just starting out and is doing hundreds of drops daily anyways. If you want to get more hits Adgitize is defiantly a great program. I want to renew my subscription but not just yet, as I am leaving on another trip in two weeks, and plan on getting the most out of what I am paying for.

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Congrats on making money with Adgitize :) Just stopping by to say hi and keep up the great work. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog.. I answered the questions you asked in the comment section there. :)

Take care!


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